Sunday, April 21, 2019

Fifteen Promises of the Rosary~The Fifteenth Promise

     The Fifteenth promise to those faithful to pray the daily Rosary is that this devotion is a special sign of predestination. When I was a child, the Sisters taught us the following from the Baltimore Catechism:
     Question: Why did God make me?
     Response: God made me to love Him and serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him forever in the next.
     A beautiful way to learn precisely how to love and serve God in this world is to become familiar with the life, teachings, virtues and miracles of Jesus. Over a lifetime, contemplating the life of Jesus by praying the Rosary daily gently weaves these virtues securely into the unique tapestry each individual's consciousness. Imitating Jesus inevitably leads our souls to eternity with Him in heaven.
   "All the world is vanity except to love God and serve Him only." (Thomas A. Kempis, The Imitation of Christ)
   In a temporally minute yet supernaturally infinite way, while the praying the Rosary, our beings are turned away from the things of the world. For that brief moment of time, we are conforming ourselves, soul and body, to the heart of Christ. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, regular practice of this sacred contemplation mystically fortifies our supernatural affinity with the Heart of Jesus.
   Loving Jesus with the Heart of Mary by praying the daily Rosary is an invaluable spiritual gift. Sharing this divine gift with our children and loved ones assists all of us in our journey to eternal life with our Heavenly Father.
 Reflecting upon these fifteen promises and daily praying the Rosary, may your days be filled with superabundant blessings and graces from our loving God.