Sunday, September 01, 2019

Imitating God's Love

     Our Heavenly Father's love for us infinitely surpasses any human comprehension. As parents, loving our children is and always will be our unifying priority. Our children are a singular Divine gift. In this role, we are blessed with the sublime obligation to imitate His love for us.
     Awaiting the results of our daughter's medical procedure zapped everything into perspective. The monumental significance of our being with her, united, and peacefully caring for her, undeniably radiated from her countenance. Our God given responsibility to love and protect our children can only be measured in Heavenly terms. Whatever pursuits have captured our attention during this life's journey, we are first and foremost our children's parents. This will never change. 
         God's love letter to us commands us to forgive, love and pray for one another. We are assured by our Almighty Father of the power of intercessory prayer and angelic protection. As Christians, we firmly believe in the eternity of our souls. 
       As events unfolded, beloved and "mommy"  prayer warriors were contacted. Holy men and women of God, deceased family members included, were implored for their intercession. 
        Atheists and nay sayers be cautioned: the supernatural presence of Jesus, Mary and all the angels and saints was intensely tangible throughout this familial crisis. At each moment, no minute detail was untouched by the indefatigable direction of the Holy Spirit as he supernaturally orchestrated every thought, word and action. Catastrophic imaginings and hours of waiting mystically dissolved into gentle seas of grace filled, trusting, gratitude, as hearts were lifted up in tranquil, obedient worship and prayer. Blessed be the Holy Name of Jesus forever!
      I recently met an amazingly holy woman. She told me that she was so grateful to God that her children's needs continually drew her heart more intimately into the Sacred Heart of Jesus through adoration and prayer. 
May our most ardent prayer be 
to peacefully and entirely accept and conform ourselves 
to the Will of our Almighty God. 
May all that Our Father sends us, draw our souls safely 
into His eternal embrace! 
The outcome of all spiritual tests belongs to God. 
God is love.