Thursday, August 02, 2018

Eucharistic Procession

     Our Parish Priest has re established the tradition of a yearly Eucharistic Procession on the Solemnity of the feast of Corpus Christi.I especially remember a procession which took place a few years ago.
     Carrying the Blessed Sacrament in a Monstrance, Father was accompanied by a small group of parishioners and a faithful altar server bearing holy incense. We walked through our town, praying the  Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, reading Scripture passages and singing hymns. At the edge of town, we crossed a bridge where we greeted some people fishing on this warm resplendent afternoon. 
     A couple passing through town got out of their truck and reverently genuflected while making the sign of the Cross.
     At the conclusion of our procession, before we convened inside the Church for Benediction, a Knight of Columbus graced us with beautiful bagpipe music.

Prayer Before a Crucifix:
"Behold, o good and most sweet Jesus, 
I fall upon my knees before Thee 
and with most fervent desire beg and beseech Thee 
that Thou would impress upon my heart 
a lively sense of faith, hope and charity, 
true repentance for my sins, 
and a firm resolve to make amends. 
And with deep affection and grief, 
I reflect upon Thy five wounds, 
having before my eyes 
that which Thy prophet David spoke about Thee, 
Oh good Jesus. 
"They have pierced my hands and feet, 
they have counted all my bones."