Sunday, July 02, 2017

Drawn Home by Two Pillars

Don Bosco's Dream reminds me of 
the embrace of the prodigal son and his father 
and my return Home to Holy Mother Church.
     Reviewing my own turbulent spiritual journey, I realize that, though a cradle Catholic, I occupied dissenting enemy ships. Navigating through life's precarious deceptions, I was spiritually consumed and crushed by "what the world had to offer". Yet, my soul always knew wherein resided the Divine truth and beauty I had rejected. The most vitriolic foes of the Church are found among former Catholics. From this group emanate the strongest objections to reversion to Catholicism. Interestingly, many returning Catholics come Home fervently embracing many of the teachings which drove us away! 
     Looking at this painting, I am impressed with the unwavering, insurmountable, forward progression of the True Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Holy Mother Church. With the Pope at the helm, the Church fearlessly overcomes all weapons aimed against her while safely carrying the faithful to our longed for eternal destination.
     It was during Blessed John Paul II's final illness that I was irresistibly drawn home, heart and soul, into the loving embrace of Jesus and Mary. When people would ask me why I returned to the Catholic faith, my  automatic response was "Jesus in the Eucharist and Mary".  Blessed John Paul II's monumental offering of prayer and suffering supernaturally brought about my reversion and that of many, many other souls. With regards to conversions and reversions, it is doubtless that when these numbers are tabulated they will represent a high point in Catholic Church History. 
     Blessed John Paul II was praying for us. I could "feel" it!
     I like to think that my current location in this painting is deep within the heart of La Barca de la Iglesia Católica~cooking, sweeping, cleaning, or fueling the engine with Adoration, Rosaries and Novenas.