Sunday, February 04, 2018

Mothers and Prayers

     Our Blessed Mother's constant intercession is a beautiful example of praying throughout all circumstances.
     Watching the late Mother Angelica's facial expression as she prayed the Saint Michael's Chaplet, I realized the power of every determined, praying mom. Birth moms, adoptive moms, spiritual moms, grand moms, aunts, sisters, Mother Superiors and mentors are all women whose prayers are more powerful than we realize. I am sure that the adversary does anything possible to distract, divert and derail the prayers of these most powerful warriors. When we pray we are on the "front lines" of battle. That's why so many times, our best efforts seem to be thwarted by the unexpected. Saint Teresa of Avila advised "In time of sorrow and trouble cease not from the good works of prayer and penance which thou art in the habit of doing, for Satan is striving to make thee uneasy, and then to abandon them: on the contrary, do thou apply thyself thereunto more earnestly than before, and thou shalt see quickly our Lord will come to thy succor."